Thursday, January 12, 2012

Officially a blogger newby before the world ends! Woo!

I plan to send my first ever blog post flying off my fingertips in record time this evening, because this evening is in fact morning, and I know I must be tired because I just became so enamoured with the word "snooze" that I said it out loud to myself like four times. Snooze snooze snooze. Snooze. I digress. I made the decision to start up a bloggity blog about an hour ago, because Hector in his search for happiness ( good book given to me as a birthday present from a fantastic friend ) indirectly told me to. To share a bit of my life with everyone at least.

I've lived in Eugene, Oregon for about a week, where the people are ducks and the ducks...are too. I get so lost on my bike every day that I'm just waiting to see the big green "Welcome to Washington!" sign at any given moment. The first things I learned upon moving here were - 1) it is never too dark, too cold, or too unlikely that you'll find your way back. Trader Joe's chocolate is worth the bike ride. 2) do not apply for a job at the running store if the manager is a burly, muscular witch of a spandex-obsessed woman. 3) Be free.

My one of my three roommates told me the last one, and I figure she's got life as sorted as anybody I've yet encountered.

I'm going to hop viciously (there's a unique verb/adverb combo!) back on the yob hunt tomorrow and kick the crap out of a library visit. I'm taking a very intense approach to life tomorrow it seems. But anyways that means its time for sleeps.

Be freeeee!
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