Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chasing April

I was on my knees painting an unintentionally morbid looking picture today and "Ever Since" by The Head and The Heart popped up on Pandora. I had nearly forgotten how instantly I would die of overwhelming happiness if someone wrote that about me. Unless he was, you know, bald.
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I wrote a song today about coming to terms with the inevitable possibility that upon uprooting your life and moving out of state, the lives of the people you left behind may still function, even progress swiftly, without you, believe it or not. But alas! You can never really lose the ones you love. Because the reason they existed in your life in the first place, was for the love. The love that they brought to your life and allowed you to actualize within yourself. Remember your best times with people. "We only have what we remember." -Listener.

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  1. uhhh! this makes me melt with a mixture of realization, happiness, and contentment creating a big pot of reality stew! i have no idea if what i said makes sense, but some how it does in my mind it does. anyways, i completely understand what you are talking about. Everytime i listen to that song or rivers and roads i have these thoughts as well. they are such a great reminder though to embrace what we have including the people in our life whether its the good or the bad because those memories make up our life. i never really did that until i moved away leaving all i had behind me.